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4 Billion was paid out in Texas on auto and home claims for hail and flood damage. It was a record breaking year for us and unfortunate as well. Good for those of us that carry insurance... it is there when you need it. Definitely nice to have at that point. Article on the payout and damage that was repaired by insurance companies. READ MORE >>

Here we GROW again.  Our continued growth has allowed / required that we add even more support staff.  Naaman Maxedon is the latest to join our team.  You can check out Naaman's profile here - http://www.lonestarinsuranceagency.com/profile/naaman_maxedon.aspx   As always, we appreciate ALL of our clients. READ MORE >>

Insurance fraud costs Americans billions of dollars annually.  While most home-repair contractors are honest and do quality work, others do not. These tips can help you choose an honest, reputable contractor.  Feel free to contact if you have questions about a contractor. READ MORE >>

I'm not sure about you, but I don't particularly care for rate increases on products and services I use.  I know that in many instances rate increases are necessary for companies to remain in business.   According to studies conducted by Allstate, they seem to think clients like rate increases more than they do rate decreases. READ MORE >>

Our car show last month was a huge hit.  As promised all proceeds from the event went to Crazy8 Ministries here in Burleson.  We took the liberty of rounding up the  total of $342 to and even $500.  If you haven't been to our Facebook lately there are several pictures from the event. READ MORE >>

Are your collectibles properly insured? Special collections need special protection.  There are many limitations that exist when insuring collectibles with a standard homeowners insurance policy.  For all the time, money, and energy you have invested into your collection, it's important to protect it with coverage that has been designed specifically for collectors. READ MORE >>

We often get asked questions about why a particular vehicle cost more to insure than another.  Back in the old days we all knew that a "sports car" was more expensive to insure than a typical grocery getter. READ MORE >>

Cooking fires continue to far exceed most home-related fires, and they are more expensive to repair, according to a new study from Nationwide Insurance. Fires that start on the stove outpace appliance, fireplace, smoking, candle or furnace fires, the study said. READ MORE >>

Last Tuesday, California became the third state to legalize driverless cars, a concept automobile under development by Google that could one day revolutionize the way we drive. But the development raises a host of liability questions for insurers. READ MORE >>

Jun 18, 2012 -- Insured losses from the massive hailstorm that struck the Dallas area on Wednesday could reach as much as $2 billion, making it one of the most costly stomrs of its type in - click here for rest of article. READ MORE >>

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