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Texas Wins!!! We often hear comments / questions about how high the cost of home and auto insurance is in Texas.   Well, here is a perfect explanation as to why our rates are so high.  Unfortunately this is a pretty common occurrence for us as well. READ MORE >>

Roadtrip! What a great idea. Oh, but wait. What about the weather? And the mountains and black ice and desert and hail? Oh! And what about the criminals lying in wait? Sure, road trips can pose some challenges, but information and a few sensible precautions will have you safely on the road in no time. READ MORE >>

Shame on the Texas Department of Insurance.  According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram TDI has made recent changes to the publishing of disciplinary actions against insurance agents and/or companies.  In our opinion TDI should be trying to help protect insureds from the actions of those willing to break the law. READ MORE >>

Nevada issues Google first license for self-driving car- Check out this amazing article from The Las Vegas Sun. Nevadans will soon see driverless cars being tested on streets and highways. Google received the first license Monday from the state Department of Motor Vehicles to test the autonomous vehicles. READ MORE >>

Here is an excellent article worth reading on insurance claims....enjoy. Insurance Myth #2: "Insurance Companies Always Pay Claims Fully and Promptly" When we purchase insurance, we’re buying a promise on a piece of paper. READ MORE >>

New Analytic Methods Provide Statistical Insight Into Distracted Driving Apr 12, 2012 -- Distracted driving has grabbed headlines recently as a consensus emerges around the risk posed by drivers using cell phones. A presentation at the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar held last month showed how . READ MORE >>

More than 200 years after Benjamin Franklin declared the only things certain in life are death and taxes, Canadian researchers have discovered a grimmer connection: U.S. auto fatalities spike on the deadline day for filing income tax returns. The number of fatal crashes jumps 6 percent on the last day for U. READ MORE >>

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