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It is estimated that billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance benefits is awaiting its rightful owner.  Every year, people die who have a policy on them but their beneficiaries are not aware of it or cannot be located.  READ MORE >>

The "BIg 3" are at it again.  Allstate, Farmers and State Farm all made this article that was in the Dallas Morning News.  If you are insured with any of these companies maybe it's time to check us out.  It's rare we aren't able to save homeowner's money on their home insurance when we are given the opportunity. READ MORE >>

It's rare that I read an article in our industry that offers some decent advise and that's not the same old information that's been given over and over.  So kudos to the recent article that was on MSN's website.  We've copied and pasted it here but we always give credit.  Enjoy- READ MORE >>

Listen up peole, don't be fooled into believing that your "employer's" benefits are going to protect you and your family.  Most importantly here I'm talking about life insurance.  So many people we talk to say "my job takes care of that" when we ask about their life insurance. READ MORE >>

I've attached an interesting article by Victoria Goff which just appeared in IA Magazine. The article talks about how many people are buying less insurance coverage in hopes that the Federal Government will take care of them.  I personally don't think it's a good idea to count on someone else to "take care" of you or your property. READ MORE >>

Last week while watching the news a reporter stated that it was estimated that 53% of those affected by the fertilizer plant explosion didn't have insurance.  The first thing that comes to my mind is how did they even come up with that figure. READ MORE >>

A new imaging technology being deployed by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. can help reduce the risk of catastrophic damage, injury and loss of life due to fire. It can also spot potential water damage to homes and personal property before it happens. READ MORE >>

As cars and technologies keep getting "smarter", here's a recent article on some of the top technologies for mature drivers.  Enjoy- Top 10 Car Technologies for Mature Drivers From smart headlights to reverse monitoring features, new technology is increasingly popular with older drivers. READ MORE >>

Shame on the Texas Department of Insurance.  According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram TDI has made recent changes to the publishing of disciplinary actions against insurance agents and/or companies.  In our opinion TDI should be trying to help protect insureds from the actions of those willing to break the law. READ MORE >>

New Analytic Methods Provide Statistical Insight Into Distracted Driving Apr 12, 2012 -- Distracted driving has grabbed headlines recently as a consensus emerges around the risk posed by drivers using cell phones. A presentation at the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar held last month showed how . READ MORE >>

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