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Lone Star Insurance Agency Blog: insurance rates

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Looks like increases are trending across the country. Just FYI as a heads up to all insureds. I am sure my rate will increase with the rest of us. Unfortunately the costs of living tend to increase over time. This increase looks like it is due to claims paid out the last year. READ MORE >>

We often get asked questions about why a particular vehicle cost more to insure than another.  Back in the old days we all knew that a "sports car" was more expensive to insure than a typical grocery getter. READ MORE >>

Many people are experiencing sticker shock when they open up their insurance renewals for their home or auto.  The last few years have been extremely hard on the insurance industry across the nation as well as right here in Texas. READ MORE >>

Average American Spends More than $80,000 on Car Insurance in Their Lifetime The average American spends a staggering $84,388 on car insurance in their lifetime. No, that’s not a typo. That’s your bill, according to the latest analysis of car insurance quotes by Insurance.com. READ MORE >>

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